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It's Halloween night, and teenager Olivia has dragged her reluctant friends Aaron and Bryan out for trick or treating despite their age. Her friends ditch her after a falling out, and while walking home, they stumble across a corn maze.

In one last-ditch effort to save their Halloween, Aaron and Bryan sneak into the maze that, unbeknownst to them, is the home of a scarecrow that doesn't take kindly to intruders...

Directed By: Octavian Kaul

Written By: Octavian Kaul

Produced By: Libby Kaul


Samantha Wong

Octavian Kaul

Adam Winstanley

Dallas McNeil

DOP: Daniel Carruthers

1st AC: Aly Van Akker

              Andrew Dodd Clippingdale

Slate: Nolan Hupp

Key Grip: Anthony Kaul

Gaffers: Clayton Neuwirth

                Tyler Hupp

Set Dec: Juliana Monk

Script Supervisor: Juliana Monk

Hair/Makeup: Brooklyn Filipovic

On-Set Photographers: Arnold Lim

                                           Guochen Wang

Prod. Assistants: Nathan Corpus

                                 Teagan McElroy

Edited By: Octavian Kaul

Colourist: Guochen Wang

VFX: Chris Orchard

Prod. Sound Mixer: Shane Archer

Post Prod. Sound: Evan Matthiesen

Boom Operators: Brooklyn Filipovic

                                Anthony Kaul

                                Clayton Neuwirth

Original Score: Calvin Winstanley

Catering: Anthony Kaul

                  Libby Kaul

Assistant Catering: Vince Winstanley

                                    Julie Winstanley

Costume Designer: Lisa Leighton

Tailor: Lisa Leighton

Airbrushing: Mark Heine

Welding: Mark Heine

Set Costumer: Brooklyn Filipovic




Saanichton Corn Maze

Ocean View Estates

Trish Duncan

Trent Peek

Andrea Smith-Peek

The Winstanley Family

The Cummings Family

Jessica Bloomquist

Greg Miller

Troy Takaki

Peter Kent

Joyce Kline

Steve & Phillipa Barnes

Ross Ogilvie

Camera Traders


Parkland Secondary School

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